This is only for Windows Users. If there are any Mac users who would like to learn how to download, comment here and I will ask Randy to do a tutorial for you. FOR MAC, SCROLL DOWN.

I can’t put up download links anymore. That’s a fact. So I’m teaching you now how to do it yourself. I tried doing a video but it wasn’t good and it was too long so I’ll explain with pictures. Feel free to ask anything you don’t understand. To do this, you should at least now how to use itunes to synch videos with your ipod. I will tell you how to download the videos ready for Ipod but I won’t teach you to use Itunes.

Alright, now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s move on.

There are many ways to download videos from youtube. MANY. These aren’t the only and maybe they aren’t the best, but they are the ones that I know and use and like. I will teach you two ways, both of them picture instructed.

1. Download Helper Firefox add-on.

It can download basically any media playing on your browser, not only youtube videos. This means you can also use it to download from naver, daum, etc etc.
You can download straight from the video page without opening any additional software.

You need Mozilla Firefox. Now, you don’t have to use firefox as your default browser. As a matter of fact, I prefer using Google Chrome, but I open firefox everytime I need to download something because this just works fantastically.

Now, here’s what you do.

  • First, you need to open firefox (I won’t teach you how to download firefox, I believe you’re able to do that yourself).
  • Go to this link to download the add-on: Download Helper
  • Click the green button with the plus sign that says “Add to Firefox”
  • There should be a warning asking you to confirm the installation. Click Install Now.
  • There will be a window showing the state of the download and it will ask you to restart firefox when it’s completed. Click “Restart Firefox”
  • Once you restart, you should notice this little button next to your address bar. The button is grayed out when there is nothing for download.
  • Now find a video to download!
  • Once that the video starts playing, the download helper button will lit up in colors. Clicking in the little arrow pointing down besides it should give you a menu like this.
  • All the elements in the list are the versions of the video that are available for download. The ones we care about are only [HQ 18] and [HQ 22]. HQ 18 is the HQ version (480 px) and HQ 22 is the HD version (720 px).  If you want a video to put it on your Ipod you MUST choose HQ 18. The resolution of HQ 22 is too high for an Ipod to handle, and if you try to put it on your Ipod you will get a message saying that the video can’t be played (even though it’s an mp4 file).
  • So basically… Want a video for your ipod? Download [HQ 18]. Want a video to store it in your computer in the best quality possible? Download [HQ 22]. Want to do both? Download both.
  • Click in the version you want to download and choose a folder to save the file.
  • Now just wait for it download and you’re done! Here I’m downloading both versions for you to notice the file sizes: the first one is [HQ 18] 480 px, 17MB, ready for Ipod. The second one is [HQ 22] 720 px, 54MB, HD, not compatible with Ipod.

2. Youtube Downloader HD.

Pros: You might like this better if you don’t like Firefox, I think…
Cons: Only works with Youtube, need to open an extra application, can only download one file at once.

  • First, download Youtube Downloader HD.
  • This is the program website: here. This is the download page: here. This is the direct download: here. (just click there to download it if you trust me ^^)
  • Install it. You just have to click accept, accept, next, next, etc. Pretty simple, I think you should be able to do that just fine.
  • When you run the program it should look like this.
  • You have basically the same options as with the other method. Just choose whatever version you want to download, paste the youtube link, choose where to save the file and click Start. Even though Download Helper saves HD in mp4 and Youtube Downloader saves it in AVI, the quality and file size is practically the same. The mp4 version is the same as HQ 18 and should also be ready for Ipod.


Okay, so now there shouldn’t be any need for me to post download links for the videos I upload, right?
However, some of the videos are no longer available on youtube, and I think that even though the download links are here, some of them are in HD 22 and therefore, can’t be put into Ipod. I would like you to tell me about these specific cases and I will upload ipod compatible download links for those videos, okay? I just did some cleaning in the comments of the masterlist so please, about those videos I mentioned earlier, comment on the masterlist and I will upload them. Thank you.

Feel free to ask here any questions you have.


Randy Here, sorry everyone i haven’t been on here for a while now.

For people that have macs and want to download videos off youtube.

1. Download Helper Firefox add-on.

The Add on Andie added DOES WORK FOR MAC.

All you need to do is download Firefox here:

And then download the add on Andie posted.



Heres another way to download video for Both MAC & PC.

All you need to do is first: Open the site here:

Then find a youtube video you want to download

Copy the URL of the youtube video onto the site where it says to on the site.

It will say loading, then a pop-up window will pop up. Make sure to click “Allow”

then on the site, The download links will pop up with multiple formats and size.

Click which ever link you like and the video should start download.


If you don’t see the download link and it says to restart, don’t restart, Just redo it and it should work this time.


So you know how when you try to add an HD video to your ipod but it won’t let you,

well now you can, all you need to do is download “Videora Ipod Converter” Here:

Open up the application

then follow the instructions given.



  1. Oh my goodness! an incredible article dude. Thanks Nonetheless I am experiencing subject with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anybody getting similar rss problem? Anyone who knows kindly respond. Thnkx

  2. Keepvid doesn’t work anymore, so now I’m using Xilisoft Download Youtube Video..
    I recommend it coz it’s quite easy to use..
    Plus, it has it’s own browser and can download more than 1 video.
    The result video is in flv.
    Hope this can help 🙂

    Btw, thanks for your hard work on translating and uploading the videos.
    It means a lot for me as a new K-Pop lover.
    Keep up the good work 😀

  3. okay so i downloaded some vids with 480 px but it wont even upload into my itunes library….why is that?

  4. waittt, i feel really stupid and i dont want to ask but i cant figure out how to put it on my itouch ):

  5. Can someone help me?
    I did the Mozilla Firefox add-on one, and i have it and everything, but when I’m trying to download something for my iPod, I don’t get the [HQ 18] options or the [HQ 22].

      • You must be on the the quality size you want to download
        so lets say i want the HD version of a mv, where it says what quality size,
        i must choose option 720p.

        btw, all the download links have been posted btw.

      • they don’t come out like that anymore. if you don’t get them, go to the resolution you want to download (480 or 720) and when the video is playing, click on the download helper icon and you should get a mp4 file option, click that one)

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