Q: Can you teach me korean?/ Can you teach me how to sub videos?
A: NO.

Q: What program do you use to sub?
A: Right now I’m using Sony vegas movie studio platinum 9.0, however my first videos were made with sony vegas 8.0.
if you have any SPECIFIC questions on how to use sony vegas, you can pm me about it, but don’t pm me asking: ‘how can i sub a video?/how do i use sony vegas?’ i’m sorry but it would take me forever to explain something so general. i will not answer these questions. Also, I do not know how to work with aegisub or soft subs in general, don’t ask me about it!

Q: Are you korean? Are you fluent in korean?
A:No, no. I’m mexican. I’ve been studying korean for a couple years now but I’m nowhere to fluent yet. This is why I can’t sub tv shows. Many times I have to look up words in dictionary when I don’t understand.

Q: Can I re-upload your videos to my channel?
A: Yes. It’d be nice if you credited/thanked me, but I don’t mind if you don’t. My videos are tagged anyway.

Q: Can I use your translation to translate to another language for my video?
A: Yes, but please credit me.

Q: Can I use your translation in my video (live performance, or whatever)?
A: Sure, but credit is much appreciated.

Q: How can i download your videos?
A: Read this post: How to download.

Q: Can you send me ‘x’ video in ‘x’ format to my email?
A: No. For new videos I will put a video download in MP4. If you want it in a different format, you convert it. For older videos I won’t put download links anymore, find a way to download it yourself. And also, I don’t send anything to people’s emails.

Q: Can you give me the download link for ‘x’ video?
A: Yes, but please be patient.

Q: Can a request a song?
A: Yes, you can ay request songs but all request should be made on Youtube, NOT HERE.

Q: May i request old songs?
A: Yes you may, but again, all request should be made on youtube.

Feel free to leave questions here.


14 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. How do you get the o’s and u’s with the breves on top of them? I’ve been searching all over the internet to find out how to type them, but I still don’t know how. I see a lot of people using them in korean sub videos (including yours), and I want to try it also.

  2. i downloaded like 6 of your videos. but when i try to sync them to my ipod, they just dont show up. they are in the correct format and it they show up in my library. also if i play them on the computer (with itunes) it works. but when i try to sync it, it isnt there. what should i do?

  3. HI! thanks for all the subs.!!!
    But how do I download the videos with smaller MB?
    I want to download your videos with smaller MB cause it takes alot of diskspace.
    If it’s possible, how do I do that?

    thanks thanks alot!!

  4. i dont think they understand korean maybe they get the translation from a lyrics page and get the credits for their videos. but whatever.

  5. it is so cool that you are mexican but can understand korean 😀 thanks for uploading the MV with eng sub, love it and please continue to translate and uploading MV. i wonder if i could request eng sub for some MV? like shinhwa old MVs.

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